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A medical student is being examined by her professor for a test regarding a chemical reaction. The setting is a science classroom at a university. The youthful student is taking samples from a chemical substance contained within the test tube and the professor watches her patiently with hands behind her back. The high-tipped bifocales that is on the professors face indicate the 1950s or 1960s era. Same with the styles of hair. The problem, with the picture is that the student has no safety equipment. Gloves and safety goggles are not worn by the young woman.The test viles appear to contain some sort of liquid that she is testing the temperature of. the shadows are off. The viles have a shadow pointing towards you and right. The young womans is towards you and left, and the professors is going away from you and left. Something is in the bottle on the center of the table. Something else besides liquid. either a container or a heavy metal the is liquid at room temperature like mercury. its shadow matches the other thing on the table besides the students hand.

Sterling DeLancey:

In a small town, almost abandoned, work a team of scientists trying to develop cures for diseases and world problems alike. They work out here almost in the middle of nowhere because some of the things they create are dangerous and some of their medicines are created and tested in an unethical manner. The two women in the picture, Susan and Linda, are two of the best scientists at the facility. They, however, have different opinions about how things should be done.

Linda, on the left, feels that whatever needs to be done to help people should be allowed. Susan, on the right, feels differently. She values all life and doesn't think that that other things should be harmed in order to benefit humanity. For the past couple of weeks, the two of them have been working together on a cure for cancer. Everyone at the facility has had a hand in the project, but these two women have recently gotten hot on a trail that both of them feel will be successful.

In the process of developing new medicine and technology, many of the workers have ignored laws that regulate testing and corruption. They are so far from civilization that none of them have ever really paid any mind to it. To some, this is what must be done to help people. Others, however, are in it for profit while a select few simply can't find work elsewhere. Linda is the former and Susan is the latter, of course.

Linda has been trying out several different kinds of combinations. She feels that she can create a living organism that will combat cancer cells. This organism will be made from DNA that allows the body to recognize it rather than begin to attack it. She hopes that it will be able to recognize the cancer cells as cancer rather than the body's cells, destroy them like antigens, and then proceed to die out or lay dormant in the body.

The two women have been working on this for some time now, with Linda leading and Susan assisting. The problem is that they disagree quite often. Linda doesn't mind testing on animals such as dogs, cats, and other primates. In fact, she feels it is fine if they get injured or mutate because it will only help her with her research. Susan disagrees and constantly finds herself uncomfortable with the practices that take place within the facility.

In the picture, we can see the two women. Linda works, focused on what she is doing, while Susan tries to decide if she should speak up or not. Many of the animals Linda has tested on have either died or are in the process of dying. The cure isn't working and is instead attacking all cells in the body. It is a slow and painful death, but when Susan attempts to bring it to the attention of the board, many of them don't care or don't take Susan seriously. They feel that Susan is simply jealous of Linda's success.

Slowly, Susan starts to come up with a plan to get this to stop. IN her own free time outside of work, she begins to write essays and gather all the evidence of things that are going on at the facility. She has to be careful, or else she'll be caught and fired before the word ever gets out. She doesn't have to focus on everything, because if she can alert people outside the facility of what even Linda alone is doing, then an investigation will take place.

After a few weeks, she is able to send the information and quickly gets a response. The facility is raided, searched, investigated. Animals are rescued and treated, but everyone loses their jobs and some of them are even arrested. Linda is included in people tried for their crimes. Susan, who needed this job badly, is now out of work and unable to support herself.

Despite this, Susan is finally able to be truly happy.