A little about me…
  • I was born here in Bradenton, went to Bayshore Elem.
  • Moved across the state, grew up on a farm
  • Went to Univ. of North Carolina (Tar Heels!) - undergrad | Univ. of South Florida - grad school
  • Returned to Bayshore High to teach
  • I like sports, outdoors, reading, biking, and yes, I do have a car!
A little about the class…
  • Econ & Gov't are semester classes.
    • Econ & Gov't are hybrid online courses via TCI. This means we'll have both lessons in class and assignments online.
    • The goal is one week per chapter.
    • You should have a notebook as we'll have lessons/notes often.
    • You need to pass both Econ and Gov't to graduate! You are ALMOST done and have ALMOST all of your credits to graduate, be sure you get these 1/2 credits.
  • For Psych, we'll usually have a lesson of the day with notes (you need a notebook).
    • We'll often have a lab activity of some sort.
    • We'll often have short videos on the topic.
    • We'll often have a some sort of class assignment to do and then turn in (do it on your BW paper).
  • For both classes, I use the website crump.2ya.com. I try to update it almost every day. You can check what we're doing in class if you're absent.
Expectations & Policies…
  • I’m here to teach, you are here to learn. Come to class with that mindset.
  • 3 simple rules:
    • be ready when the bell rings
    • respect: me, you, others
    • "do-right rule"
  • I expect that you will be "with me" in class. By that I mean listening, participating, and engaged.
  • Cell phones and other electronics are not to be used inappropriately in class. I’m not opposed to using them for something class-related, but at the right time and in the right way.
    • Appropriate: following the class notes from crump.2ya.com, researching something we're talking about in class, translating class info to a language to help you
    • Inappropriate: texting, taking or making calls, video chatting, listening to music (sorry, no earbuds), checking social media, watching dudes skate off a roof into a pool (and failing), etc.
    • If electronics are used inappropriately, a warning will be issued, then there's "phone jail", then it’ll be confiscated. Remember, not handing over a phone means a referral and actions from there.
    • This all comes back to the respect issue. Messing around on a phone while a teacher is teaching is very disrespectful. Plus, that isn’t what we’re here to do. So, be responsible and be respectful, and we'll be fine.
  • Please do not line up at the door at the end of class.
  • 3 bathroom/hall passes per quarter. Be sure to sign the pass. Unused passes get "bought back" for 10 points each.
    • Bottom line:take care of things between classes!
  • Be sure to put your name and date on your papers. I try to figure out nameless papers, but I'm not Sherlock Holmes.
  • I’m here to teach, you are here to learn. I try to prepare for a class that's instructive and engaging. I come to class with that mindset and ask that you do the same.
  • Daily work - bellwork and classwork assignments, weight of 1
  • Quizzes - about 8 questions, weight of 1 or 2
  • Tests - around 30 questions, weight of 3
  • Projects - weight of 3
  • Participation and Effort - this is entered as a grade equivalent to a test score (weight of 3), if you are "with me", you'll do well here
  • Final exam - counts as 20% of your final grade
Let's get started!